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Be the first to discover the latest tours announcements, album, film and book reviews, live gig reviews and photos with instant notifications which can be turned off or on.

Written & Video Interviews

Read or watch the latest interviews HEAVY has done with the world’s best musicians, actors, film directors and industry professionals.

Album, Film & Book Reviews

Read HEAVY’s reviews on the latest records, films and books which we think you will enjoy. We’ll though in a few songs and film clips to go along with them.

WIN Stuff

We occasionally get the odd gift or two to giveaway such as event double passes, meet and greets, cds, merchanside and all sorts. We intend to get more and more for you!


We’ve unlocked the HEAVY Digi-Magazine so it is free for all now! You can now access from the app (or the website) for free. We love the digi-mag layout and it’s only the beginning of what we intend to bring to you.

Music & Podcasts

We haven’t launched our radio and podcast yet but we are working hard on it. For now you can listen to the latest singles coming out from heavy artists. We will let you know as soon as HEAVY Radio is up and running.

Australian Gig Guide

Keep in your pocket all the upcoming gigs you need to know about including their dates and locations. We are constantly updating the gig calendar with the latest in tours and ticket links.

Apple & Android / Phones + Tablets

We live in a busy world with lots of great devices and apps to “make life easier” but none have been HEAVY enough until now.

We’ve put everything into the app we could, but are not done yet! There’s more to come.

We are going to be adding more features as we go and making design and functionality improvements to enhance the practicality and usefulness of the app. We will let you know the updates as we roll them out.